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My Russian Blues Sharkey and Nikolai both used to do this, but not any other of my mixed-breed cats

If u can see ninja cat, ninja cat can see u. If u cant see ninja cat u r about to die

I will have to try that with my cat...

Me talking about the Higgs Boson.

Chunk a Monk..holy kitty fur batman! He is large! stuck by the way!

The ultimate FAT cat. But the question is how the cat fits or even gets on the thing. Looks like my late fat cat Kadie.

Here are some of the Michigan Catz recruits out on an overnight bivouac taking a cat nap!  Some would say they are dog tired.  Some would, some would but not us, the new, the loud, the Michigan Catz!  Mew-rah!

Kitty sleepover

Funny pictures about Kitty sleepover. Oh, and cool pics about Kitty sleepover. Also, Kitty sleepover photos.

Tapete de gato

I am a rug. I am not a cat. I am a rug. I may look like a cat, but I am not. I am a rug… wait, you have cat food you bought from your CouponWand coupons? I AM A CAT!

want this cat

Humor is a terrible thing to waste, always be silly, laugh often and smile always!


Sleepy little kitten using toilet paper as a pillow! Too cute.

"You'll pay the price I tell ya! Where's the stash you yellow belly underhanded schemer."  "I swears, I don't know nothing. On my life I swear it!"

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Pavarotti Kitty accepts the high praise from his audience.

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