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Jerusalém (TPS) - Um clérigo muçulmano foi condenado por incitação, por ter proferido discursos no Monte do Templo nos quais ele disse que os judeus deveriam ser "massacrados" e que eles eram semelhantes aos "macacos e porcos". A sentença foi proferida pelo juiz Samuel Herbst no Tribunal de Magistrados de Jerusalém, condenando o xeique Omar…

In a sermon, sheikh calls the Jewish people 'the most evil creatures' on Earth, warns a great battle is coming

A French team plans to wake up its second ancient virus in two years to study its genetic structure. Have these scientists never seen a zombie movie?

It's alive...again! Scientists waking up 30,000-year-old 'giant' virus

These people are loosing their minds!A French team plans to wake up its second ancient virus in two years to study its genetic structure. Have these scientists never seen a zombie movie?

Police Officer Gets Into Struggle with Thief at a Mall. Then a 74-Year-Old Ex-Karate Instructor Steps In. Bet the thief didn't see that coming.

After noticing that a police officer needed some assistance in taking down a shoplifter at a Pennsylvania mall, a ex-karate instructor stepped in to finish the job. Bet the thief didn't see that coming.

David Horowitz at UCSD 5/10/2010. Hosted by Young Americans for Freedom and DHFC - Muslim student shows her hatred for Jews & admits she wants all Jews to come to Israel so terrorists don't have to hunt them down.

Video:: MSA student supports rounding up Jews to Israel to kill them. Show me a Muslim American who condemns Hamas or Hezbollah, you can't do it.

ABC's Jon Karl to Obama Administration on State Dept: What Does It Cost To Be Ambassador?

Like a Petulant Schoolgirl, US Demands Apology from Israeli DMSpeaking at a closed-door event at Tel Aviv University last Monday, Yaalon said Israel could not rely on a “weak” United States to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons.

Get A Gun: National Guardsman’s Grocery Shopping With Family Turns Into Potentially Deadly Nightmare, But He Had A Gun

Joshua Nelson poses for a portrait at the Flying Training Wing headquarters on Oct. Nelson was credited for stopping a potential murder, then stopping a potential suicide, during a trip to Walmart. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Steven R.

Every American needs to be aware of this...

FBI Issues Terrifying Warning About Holiday Attacks.

Closing prayer at our church.Bro,Jones is our Wonderful Pastor--Also Please check out my page on Facebook-Disciples for Christ and please like my Youtube page,Thanks and God Bless

speacial closing prayer(Maurbury church of God)

Marcus Lamb Speaks with Senator Rand Paul on Criminal Justice Reform

Marcus Lamb of Daystar Television Network helps to raise awareness and donations for Bishop TD Jakes’s Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative.

2011 - Katy, Texas ▶ The Muslim Mosque and the Pig Farm Next Door - YouTube #auspol  Let's go to the pig races! Whoo-Whoo!

Texas Man Holds Pig Races to Protest Islamic Neighbor’s Request To Move Or Get Rid Of Pigs