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If all my flames were like this, my house would've burned down years ago...and I wouldn't've minded at all. :P -- Flickerlee by deviantart artist StressedJenny

Super cute kawaii and whimsical candle flame cartoon illustration art . :P -- Flickerlee by deviantart artist StressedJenny

This red flame (fall leaves!) is going underneath some day!

21 Bold AF Hair Colors To Try In 2016

wwe becky lynch style red flame hair I would love a section of my hair like this on Pentecost Sunday.

Pinturas Acuarela Cuadros Acrílico Cuadros Óleo Pinturas Vitrales

Luis Roberto Hernández Alfaro ~ The Flame Of The Forest ~ La Llama Del Bosque Más

NGC 2024, The Flame Nebula. #Space #Universe #NASA Also Visit http://www.playbull.com/

The Flame Nebula-looks like the tree of life beginning to grow

New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose Store -  The New 5th-Dimensional Solar Violet Flame Poster, $15.00 (http://eop.mybigcommerce.com/the-new-5th-dimensional-solar-violet-flame-poster/)

"Where attention goes, energy flows." ★ As quoted from Eckhart Tolle's book entitled "Oneness With All Life:" -- "Be present as the watcher of your mind, of your thoughts and emotions, as well as your reactions in various situations.