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tea cup yorkie ... my dream dog <3 <3

Teacup Yorkie-Teacup Yorkies aren't true Yorkshire Terriers. Apparently there is no such thing as a Teacup Yorkie. It's so stinkin adorable!

Yorkie Teeth | The Yorkie Times

Yorkies Teeth Issues and Treats Yorkies are very prone to teeth issues and the easiest way of identifying them is by observing the behavior of your dog. In most cases, the will not eat as usual and this poses a great danger to your pet’s health.


Biewer Yorkshire - I don't usually go for small dogs, but this lil thing is right up Esther's alley.

Check it out: https://itsayorkielife.com/will-you-breakfast-with-me-at-tiffanys/

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yorkshire terrier miniature.

yorkshire terrier miniature--love at first sight if I ever get a small dog this is sooo what I am getting------I WANT ONE!