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Nesta divertida série de fotografias feita por Rémi Noël, um artista francês, Batman é imaginado em vários cenários que nada condizem com seu tamanho minúsculo.

In what might be a darker and more existential take on the popular children's movie Toy Story, photographer Remi Noël has created a series of images of his trip through Texas featuring a plastic Batman action figure as his only companion.

Clever photos of a Tiny Batman Exploring Texas - Tumblr/PhotoJoJo

It’s not everyday that you see a fine art photography project based on the adventures of a tiny Batman figurine trekking across Texas. French photographer Rémi Noël created a photographic map of Texas.

Cartoon Characters In Real Life By Bechet Benjamin

Batman, 33 ans, pompiste de nuit (Superheroes and icons presented in a unusual way by Benjamin Béchet)

I've had enough of your shit, Green Lantern - Justice League War

The fact that Batman doesn't have powers makes him that much more hardcore. This scene from the just alright Justice League: War movie perfectly portrays this about him. And it might be a bit out of character maybe, but I love that smile at the end

Inspecting licensed Batman feminine apparel for quality control.

Der perfekte Umgang mit Abzock-SMS:

Der perfekte Umgang mit Abzock-SMS

Hoje lhes apresento os impressionantes gifs de um lado do Batman que você desconhecia! Sabemos que você tem a imagem dele como um cara sério, obscuro e tal. Mas hoje te mostro 15 gifs simpáticos que mostram um lado mais divertido (mas não menos solitário) do nosso querido homem-morcego. A artista responsável pelas animações é…

Batman em 15 gifs que irão alegrar o seu dia!

Ordinary Batman Adventures are awesome!and justice.

Rescues kittens from the rain. | 24 Things Batman Does When He’s Not Fighting Crime

ordinary-batman-adventures-gifs Batman protects the Kittehs from the rain!