Quero a delícia de sentir as coisas mais simples. Manoel Bandeira.

The smell of a fresh baked pie, out of the oven. A Grandmother putting pies on windowsill to cool.

Tail-Gate Party (1 card/1 envelope) - Valentine's Day Card - FRONT: No Text  INSIDE: Here's to an old-fashioned kind of love!  Happy Valenti...

Tail-Gate Party envelope) - Valentine's Day Card - FRONT: No Text INSIDE: Here's to an old-fashioned kind of love!

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My uncle used to have this special hen that laid eggs with twin yorks everyday. What a luxury to have been served fresh, twin york eggs every morning.

#spiritsays: Nose in Farmville, it is easy to forget the cows that need milking, the fences that need mending, and the newly hatched chicks for which only your brand of mothering will do. Don't forget to count your chickens. http://karenweikert.com

Reminds of me of our Farm -long porch on both sides of house the round columns.like the idea of chicken roaming around but not the droppings lol~

Our tub was round and served not only to bathe but also to rinse our clothes after they came through the wringer washer!

life's simple pleasure - I remember doing this on my grandparents' farm!

Just like grandpas barn when we used to go get straw and hay with truck to bring to our barn.

Just like Grandpa's barn. We would climb up into the hayloft and jump down into a huge pile of hay or straw below for hours. Could hardly move the next day we were so sore!