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Day #162 - starting Sunday off right with @thebrickbox buckwheat galette @brixtonvillage, packed with goats cheese, spinach, olives, plus extra sundried tomatoes
Spa Party Appetizers ( Hungry Happenings )
Grumpy Cat

O meme que vira produto: Grumpy Cat será lançado como marca de café

I'm hungry now!
Day #177 - selecting my solo supper of Malaysian salmon noodles from the place opposite Big Ben
Day #130 - dinner date of roast duck with broad beans & cherry sauce + sweet potato dauphinoise
Day #172 - homemade beef burgers griddling
Day #342 - first #Christmas dinner of the season (including cracker!) at a #visitday dinner
Five-Spice Turkey  from United Texas
Inside the Honest burger - rare Ginger Pig aged beef, mature cheddar cheese, smoked bacon and red onion relish in a sour dough bun @honestburgers @brixtonvillage