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Revolução do Marketing de Conteúdo... tá bom, eu sei que o assunto é bem antigo. David Ogilvy já falava e fazia isso na metade do século XX.

The content marketing revolution. Will digital overtake print in the UK as primary content marketing channel. Easy Living mag just abandoned print to digital, Full House mag gone to the wall, any others out there?

How to make content work effectively in a video and mobile drive world - some challenges: syndication needed, SEO optimization and high impact perception. #content #contentmarketing

[Infographie] La vidéo, actrice d'une stratégie de content marketing réussie ?

Make Content Marketing Work in a Social, Mobile World Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Business category. Check out Make Content Marketing Work in a Social, Mobile World now!

Ecommerce Inbound Marketing #infographic

More Likely to Purchase Based on Social Media Referrals [Infographic] How Does Social Media Affect Purchase Decisions?

Infographic: How to jumpstart engagement on Twitter  http://www.ragan.com/Main/Articles/46412.aspx#

Maximizing your infographic provides good reference but you can easily find out when your community is most active via tools like Crowdbooster

How specific colors can influence marketing the marketing behaviors of consumers and how brands are received by consumers based on colors.

Color Psychology in Marketing

infographic: How Colors Influence People: The Psychology Of Color In Business Marketing. I love color and believe it does influence people.

Uberflip created the following infographic by compiling results of various content marketing studies

The State of B2B Content Marketing [Infographic]

Email marketing - explain with pictures, great for presentations

Email Marketing Practises Explained [Infographic]

What is email marketing - commercial communication [infographic] How to find your way throughout internet marketing ?

Why Mobile Commerce Is on the Rise [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Mobile Commerce is On the Rise [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why mobile commerce is on the rise. Stats regarding global mobile trends, mobile consumer behavior, mobile web and m-commerce. Most interesting and unexpected result: use their mobile at home.

How to Choose the Right Marketing Channel for Your Content #socialmedia #infographic

How to Choose the Right Marketing Channel for Your Content - infographic

#ContentMarketing - A Content-Free Infographic for #B2B [#Infographic] #b2bmarketing

Content Marketing – A Content-Free Infographic for B2B [Infographic]