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Lily of the valley

Lily of the Valley Contrast of light and shadow. Clear shadow of flowers on leaf.

Meaning of flowers: Anemone – unfading love; anticipation Camellia – perfect loveliness Chrysanthemum – joy; optimism Dahlia – elegance; dignity Gardenia – purity Lavender – luck Lily (white) –innocence; purity Orchid – rare beauty; luxury Peony –Prosperity; bashfulness Rose (pink) –gratitude; admiration Rose (coral or orange) – desire Rose (yellow) – friendship

Explore: The Secret Language of Flowers

The Secret Language of Flowers Anemone- unfading love Camelia- perfect loveliness Chrysanthemum- joy;

How to paint a Poinsettia (New Lesson!) - YouTube

Join me for a short lesson on how to paint a poinsettia! This is perfect for the Christmas season that is swiftly approaching us this year and will teach you.