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Nova York é pura inspiração!

The Brooklyn Bridge, lower Manhattan and East River are seen in this view of the New York City skyline from the air in a helicopter above New York, April Photo SAUL LOEB


Wall Street, showing East River from roof of Irving Trust building, Manhattan.

Brooklyn Bridge on- and off-ramps, Manhattan looking toward Brooklyn

Brooklyn bridge Manhattan end

“NYC” by Lady TMarie H.

“NYC” by Lady TMarie H.

Sometime, your soul needs a rainy city walk, NYC

New York rain umbrella neon Times Square

Brooklyn Bridge Span and View of Lower Manhattan - http://andrewprokos.com/photos/new-york/

Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan Skyline at Night - Fine Art Photo by Andrew Prokos

Brooklyn Bridge Span and View of Lower Manhattan

NYC by Rinze van Brug.    Now if only it could have the same impact on a person at street level....

Uptown View of NYC (She's been livin' in her white bread world) Photo credit: Rinze van Brug

The rise of the new "World Trade Center"

1 WTC, NYC - Recovering can still break your heart

Coming soon: More Brooklyn Bridge Park...but also condos... Mayor Bloomberg announced the expansion of Brooklyn Bridge Park with greenspace and...condos.

Brooklyn Bridge Park by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates; Story: "The Death and Life of Planning" The Architects Newspaper

Empire State Building opening day, 1931

Opening Day, Empire State Building, NYC, New YorkPhoto by Samuel H. Gottscho Not a picture so much of Deco as from Deco. hobbesismyhero: The opening day of the Empire State Building, Samuel H.