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North Korea Infographic 19 - http://infographicality.com/north-korea-infographic-19/

Hate the subject matter, but can't help but enjoy the style. Harlem Shake vs Gangnam Style - Infographics by Ghergich & Co.

Celebrity Photo boom

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PSY! ;)

"psy brings 'gangnam style' to 'snl': well, the picture is wrong since it's actually from _the_today_show_, but here's just one article about the 강남스타일 gangnam style skit on _saturday_night_live_.

Sometimes the ground needs to feel loved too. Maybe more people should smile at it

One Direction Smiles At The Ground

Funny pictures about Who smiles at the ground? Oh, and cool pics about Who smiles at the ground? Also, Who smiles at the ground?

those that played starcraft would find this amusing.  sad truth between n and s korea tho.

The difference between North and South Korea

yearbook photos, pics and quotes

Did you actually know?

Funny yearbook moments and quotes. Totally reminds me of my yearbook quote. Did I really put that my fav song was "back that thang up" by juvenile?

Basically ... LOL

Community Post: North Korea Vs South Korea

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I don’t know a lot about Norway but I’m gonna assume marijuana is legal there.- Okay, I looked this song up, and it made me laugh so hard!

The Fox - Is by two brothers from Norway. I dont know a lot about Norway, but Im gonna assume marijuana is legal there.

About the nuking rumor from North Korea but they started with Gangnam Style the America fights back with Harlem Shake and N. Korea takes it to far!