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tegamisya coffee

Coffee packaging for Coffee Sunlight, Tokyo. Illustration by Keiko Shibata. So what if coffee was a wedding favor? With some kind of cute illustration.

Absolut Milk ;)  (interesting packaging concept tho)

ECOHOLS - Home of JØRN How would products of great brands of alcoholic spirits look like, if they were packed in beverage cartons instead of their prominent bottles? Times are changing, what remains of the brand?

ONE LOVE Cat food Design #Cat lovers - Join http://facebook.com/OzziCat * Get cat #magazine http://OzziCat.com.au

When's the dog food line coming? :) ONE LOVE Cat food Design: © Polina Bogdanova, Arkthompson design studio, Moscow, Russia

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Cool idea for a independent coffee shop. Hand drawn doodles and hand written quotes/Bible verses on each coffee cup.

a tad creepy but still cute

Rise of the Finger Ninja! Someone has way too much time on their hands.or is that fingers?

temple in a tooth

Maxam Toiletries ad for their toothpaste in “Civilization-Egypt”, showing ancient ruins in the context of molar teeth. “Don’t let germs settle down.” The campaign won Gold Outdoor and Gold Press Lions at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

I love this!

Very creative coffee mug. I'm not sure where you can get this coffee mug, but I think it looks great. It's amazing how such a simple idea can make us smile. Of course, if you are

All coffee shops should have these!  :)

Funny pictures about All coffee shops should have this. Oh, and cool pics about All coffee shops should have this. Also, All coffee shops should have this.

This makes me laugh so hard, primarily because I totally agree lol

girl freaked out look face parakeet landed lands on girls head, There isn't a more accurate picture that describes my life.


Bread Gnome What can we say? This is an adorable bread gnome. You eat his hat, which would be rude if he were a real gnome, but he's actually just an imaginary gnome that's been printed on a bread bag. (Yes, there ARE real gnomes, get over it.

-- Distraction Done Right Jackson Blankenship hilarious Giant Cutout Face. Old, but classic!

Jackson Blankenship, The Alabama Face Guy

Basketball Fan Distracts Player: This might very well be the most epic fan distraction ever in basketball. The fan in the bleachers is holding up a giant sign w

Potato pee

My husband and I can't stop laughing. So funny Mr. Potato Head, so funny.

Interactive Art Installations - Interactive art installations have been quite prominent in the art world as of late as they boast an inviting nature.   Though conventional mediums...

72 Interactive Art Installations

Security Glass Ad - This a bold display of bus stop advertising. That is actual money inside of the glass case. Very creative and shows how their product works in the craziest way possible.