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1950's Anodized Aluminum Tumblers in Holder. It seemed like everybody had these.  Grandma did!

Vintage Anodized Aluminum Tumbler by CalmCoolCollectedVin everyone had these, and everthing you drank had a strange metallic taste.

Remember the coat rooms where we put our lunch and hung our coats? I had this in kindergarten.

Remember the coat rooms where we put our lunch and hung our coats? And girls had to hang their snow pants because we were obligated to wear dresses to school.

Wanted - J C Penney Adonna Pretty Please - ah yes, the beginner's bra.

They used to be called "training bras" and I wanted one before I needed one! When I had to have one, I felt grown up for a fleeting second, then I hated to wear it! It felt SO uncomfortable!

Did you ever shop here?  My grandmother and I rode the bus to Woolworth's to buy her sewing notions when I was a little girl.  Had lunch at the soda fountain every time we went.

Woolworth's--Oh, I remember this store with fond memories. After shopping with my Mom, we would have something at the lunch counter and I would twirl on the stool.

Still have one :) I love the smell

cedar boxes ~ these were given to every graduating Senior girl by local furniture stores in the hope that we would buy our Hope Chests at that store. Every girl had to have a Hope Chest.

1960s kotex box - at one time, these came wrapped in white paper so women wouldn't be embarrassed buying them. Everyone knew what they were. ct~

Kotex box, U., at the Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health. Thank God for tampons!


Cut-Rite Wax Sandwich Bags - My mom would use these sometimes but more often she would cut a piece of the wax paper and fold it over into and envelope style to hold our sandwiches for school