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Go ahead, ask. Will our Animated Spirit Board inspire goose bumps, spine shivering, and a general aura of paranormal creepiness among guests at the party? The spirits say yes. While our Grandin Road Halloween Haven version is not designed to reach those beyond the grave, this animated curiosity mimics the hype of talking boards past. A motion-activated sensor at the front of the board triggers the planchette to move spontaneously around the surface. Movement is random an...

Animated Spirit Board

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Halloween party serveware — break out the fun with some adorable (and spooky!) accessories. A ouija board cheese platter is a great conversation starter, and skeleton stemware goes right with the theme. Make your Halloween party one to remember at Marshalls.

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Spirit Board Mat

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Purchase and place the masks and gloves on newspaper. Spray with the glow in the dark spray and watch your haunted house light up where ever you put them.  CREEEEEEPY .. these would be cool hanging from a tree!

Spray cheap halloween masks with glow in the dark spray and watch your haunted house light up where ever you put them. Leave them in large groups or use only one or two. Either way it's cheap and CREEEEEEPY