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How's that for a wedge? Photo by Adam Duffy.

Adam Duffy is a photographer has done something few have been able to: Give justice to the stunning beauty and color of the ocean's waves. His incredible photos will bring joy to your eye and your soul.

wonders of nature

A horse entering the water. Is it nature added upon or art made to look completely natural?

ງ໐ ຟith thē fl໐ຟ (Want more pins like this? Follow me! ▶︎ @allegromaestoso)

Reminds me of the wave art of Hokusai, who saw the sharp "fingers" of waves without stop-moment photography

Time & Tide

The Water, It Was The Most Beautiful Thing I Had Ever Seen. I'd Traveled From The Other Side Of The Country, There Was Never Water As Blue As These. Finally I Understood True Beauty.

Giant wave Hawaii

from Milky way scientists "Raw hawaiian shorebreak power." Image Credit : Clark Little Photography

plasmatics-life:  Ocean wave ~ By Sad

Water signs Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer ruled by the moon. These signs since water is their element are romantics by nature. These signs are very creative and usually are attracted to art and the stage.


"The ocean's roar is music to the soul." ~ ocean saying ~ Posted for sharing ☼ Boho Beach Gipsy