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Big sunglasses <3 on a cutie patootie!

:) Baby girl looks so cute in my big sunglasses, if only she leaves them on when I have my camera, this would be such a cute picture!

if i ever had a child this is what she would be  little rock star

Little girl with an AC/DC shirt! Somebody instilled rock and roll early in the game. My children will be raised on rock music.

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Blonde baby spike hair and other cute and pictures of Funny Babies. Features funny baby faces, send in pics of YOUR baby and cute baby stuff

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Twins--we want two of a kind--LOL Boys or girls.it is Your call LORD. Buy one, get one free Amber. "D" Gram Someone have twins so I can buy them these!

maybe this pose for cousins ... or best friends.... because i am not going to have twins ! lol

Ohhhh, Lauren Valentine, you MUST take this pic of your sweet babies! I may go into my twins' room and make them snuggle like this just for the picture.Nevermind that they're lo voglio pure io.