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bride paper dolls - perfect table setting surprise for your flower girls, idc if i was born in 92 i still had and played with these lol i had millions of them


1967 - Marlo Thomas as That Girl! - 'That Girl' Paper Doll Book - This paper doll book was published during the first season of 'That Girl.' It is notable in having 3 poses all of the title character.

Funny paper dolls - Onofer-Köteles Zsuzsánna - Picasa Webalbums

Little girl paper doll and lots of outfits - RECORTABLES - Aninha - Picasa Albums Web Black / African-American / people of color paperdolls

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Printable Christmas Paper doll card--Aunt Meme sent these in the mail addressed to ME!how exciting it was to get mail!

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Tons of antique paper dolls and paper toys to make - Joyce hamillrawcliffe - Picasa Web Albums

Kathleen Taylor's Dakota Dreams: Thursday Tab- Merrill Little Miss Christmas and Holly Belle

Merrill Little Miss Christmas and Holly Belle* Free paper dolls at Arielle Gabriel's The International Papef Doll Society and The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel the huge China travel site by Arielle Gabriel *