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Rapaz 'ridiculamente fotogênico' se torna sensação na web

Rapaz 'ridiculamente fotogênico' se torna sensação na web

Photogenic Guy in Hunger Games. I just thought it up. Zeddie little ridiculously Photogenic guy hunger games

How do I get a subscription to this?!

I know that not knowing how to drop a handkerchief has seriously impaired my courting history. It is, however, indicative of the low standards of Cosmo that they would misspell handkerchief.

oh my gosh yes! they need to fix that

Dear fashion industry, this is not a built in bra. Seriously though.

Ha, ha, ha... RIKER

RIKER: No. No voy a compartir mi iPhone contigo. Es un iPhone (Yo…

It's to the point where I have SO MUCH TO DO that I actually don't know where to start. Even if I did, I'm too tired to get out of bed anyway -E

It's more like, look at all the homework I'm not doing because I'm currently studying/doing other homework!

I never considered running after something as a reason to run...hmm...

I think I could chase Ryan Reynolds for miles. It could be my motivation for running a marathon haha ;