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#soon #newdish #theartofplating #foodart #chefstalk #work #presentation #tatin #tatintoday by roshbrava

#soon #newdish #theartofplating #foodart #chefstalk #work #presentation #tatin #tatintoday by roshbrava

Food Presentation: 6 Tips for Plating Your Dishes Just Like a Restaurant Chef

6 Tips for Plating Your Dishes Like a Restaurant Chef

Eating with the eyes. What a strange expression when we know that we obviously eat with our mouth! Vision is the sense that makes us look insistently. This is the sense that reveals envy. The prese...

The Art of Styling a Dish: How to Create Envy Through Food Presentation?

How to Presentation Food Discover the Food Presentation Techniques from professional cooks: Food Styling Tips and all about The art of Food Presentation

Roasted Nantucket Bay scallops ŵ cauliflower + black truffle purées, cauliflower + romesco stem chips (recipe) // Seafood course | Chef David Andrew Carson of Bacchanalia // via The Art of Plating

~Spring Pirouettes~ The Art of Plating Recipe: Roasted Nantucket Bay Scallops

The Art of Plating - Gastronomia como forma de arte

The Art of Plating traz alta gastronomia como forma de arte

Love the game of textures and colors with the mayonnaise and the liquid sauce. Salmon Mi-Cuit (half cooked) with yuzu shichimi spice and chives, grapefruit yogurt, kale, nasturtium, and pickled spring onion by