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The Kitten Covers by Alfra Martini The Furry Underground London Meowing Katti Smith Kitty Pop David Meowie The RaMEOWnes Mew Reed Meowvin Gaye Squees (with John Tabbyolta and Olivia Meowton John)


To celebrate my cake day, here's the best kitten gif I've got ANIMATED - visit website to view

AC/DC Highway to Hell (repinning because i happen to be wearing the actual highway to hell shirt lol)

The cover art on your favorite band’s album is awesome. It’s even better with cats.

Miss Young's Art Room: How To Draw A Soccer Ball.

OH MY GOD i can't even tell you HOW many times kids have asked for help drawing a soccer ball. and this is 100 x's better than anything i've come up with! Hope this helps with drawing a soccer ball.

The Kitten Covers is a mashed-up of three of my favourite things in the world kittens, music and design. Alfra Martini was the creator of the Kitten Covers a website

Lil does this every day! When I open the bathroom door, she comes running like a cat who hears a can opener.

cat versus human: Cats are extra affectionate in the bathroom. This is true.

I'm sure the cliff is near.

Cat pushing dog on wooden horse: Ok, but. next time it's my turn. - Give your friends a smile: share this!

if bono was a kitteh

Legendary albums from a world dominated by kittens. All kitteny album parodies by Alfra Martini.

Meet The Cutest Kitten In The World 3

“Kitten Observes Transit of Bubbles”. (Photo and caption by Ben Torode)


The Kitten Covers: Photo--David Meowie - Young Amerikittens Check out these album covers .