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What is Stevia? - Benefits, Side Effects, Growing Stevia, Recipes with Stevia by Jeen van der Meer, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0081G0E0Q/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_alp_NNARpb10HAAMJ

What is Stevia? - "Benefits for Diabetics, Side Effects, Growing Stevia, and Recipes with Stevia" by Jeen van der Meer

Chá de Cabelo de Milho

Chá de Cabelo de Milho

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Morpho polyphemus, The White Morpho is a white butterfly of Mexico and Central America, ranging as far south as Costa Rica. As suggested by its name, this is one of the relatively few morphos that is white rather than blue.

Polyanthus plants, sometimes known as primrose, are a spring plant that offers blooms in a rainbow of colors. There is a difference between a Polyanthus and a Primrose. A primrose has one flower on a stalk, but a polyanthus has many.

Big Flowers from Bigleaf Hydrangeas | Fine Gardening

Blue Hydrangea bushes -- want to incorporte these in my yard -- just can't seem to figure out where yet. These are just so beautiful. I love the idea of growing them along a white picket fence.

10 Fruits & Vegetables That Regrow Every Year...http://homestead-and-survival.com/10-fruits-vegetables-that-regrow-every-year/

EDIBLE LANDSCAPING Most of the foods we grow are annuals. In other words, each winter, annuals die and must be replanted in the spring. Perennials, on the other hand, will keep coming back year after year. Here are some delicious perennials to plant now.

Taking summer cuttings of lavender is so easy. Choose non-flowered shoots of this year's growth

How to Take Lavender Cuttings

How to propagate lavender from cuttings - Works with rosemary too ! - Perfect have already tried this and now have a couple of nice looking lavender plants in the house! - Cheapest way to get a lavender plant or rosemary !

Anna maria ripa – Google+

Tanzanian Diadem Butterfly (Hypolimnas antevorta) endemic to the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania

Abide With Me: Dr. Mom To The Rescue~ Part 1: Health Care At Home The Natural Way Featuring The Home Apothecary

Mom To The Rescue~ Part Health Care At Home The Natural Way Featuring The Home Apothecary

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And were looking for alien life on distant planets! Spiny Flower Mantis (Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii) perhaps? So damn cool!

How to make Woven Switch Fencing

Oh, to have a garden with weaving paths and succulent vegetables. A daily adventure through nature and the eternal hope of a glimpse of itty bitty flower fairies rabbit houses garden