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Dream Glow Barbie from 1985. Remember Ken's outfit would glow too. I loved this doll.  G;)

My first Barbie Doll. Dream Glow Barbie Her dress glows in the dark. I had the Dream glow bed too.

Day to Night Barbie 1984 by ♥ RettU ♥, via Flickr

Day to Night Barbie Loved the fact that her business suit turned into a sparkly cool dress at night

Solid Gold....Loved this show!!! I dreamed of growing up to be a Solid Gold dancer. LOL

* Solid Gold TV Show * (one of my favorite shows. I wanted to be a solid gold dancer when I grew up!

Barbie Vintage Silver and Gold Dimple Clutches

Barbie Vintage Silver and Gold Dimple Clutches

This is a standard issue vintage Barbie clutch and is it FABULOUS! Comes in silver and gold! Also available is large dimpled version (not pictured)

Barbie Shoes

Barbie shoes broke easily but you could always get them spares.

I had both of these when I was young, loved my Velcro wallet and of course the key chain too :)

Rainbow velcro wallet and rainbow flip flop keychain I had both of these but my wallet was blue.

Everything a girl growing up in the 80s wanted. The best list I've seen!!

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