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Tema Stauffer

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Mike Vorrasi - 'Untitled'  http://www.vorrasi.com

Mike Vorrasi - 'Untitled' http://www.vorrasi.com

Huang Qinqjun has spent nearly a decade travelling to remote parts of China to persuade people who have sometimes never been photographed to carry outside all their household possessions and pose for him.

The things Chinese families own

Belongings of the Rural Chinese. Photographer Huang Qingjun recently travelled through rural China, convincing people to pose with all of their household possessions.

Definition of prepared... Photo by Karin Apollonia Mueller.

Karin Apollonia Mueller

Surreal photography by Ángela Burón | iGNANT.de

Surreal photography by Ángela Burón

February 2015 ☞ Photography ☞ is a Spanish photographer who creates surreal images that often feature herself as the subject. People who defines himself in the third person makes her nervous. More about Ángela Burón and.

Les Illusions d'Optique de Jim De Block (6)

Les Illusions d'Optique de Jim De Block

Jim de Block aka is a photographer, dancer and choreographer from Antwerp, Belgium, who currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Jim received his ballet education at the Royal Ballet Schoo…

Alexander Khudokon  http://khud.tumblr.com

Alexander Khudokon http://khud.tumblr.com