Explora Richard Armitage, Amém e outros!

Amen, Sister.  Happy National Chocolate Day  #richardarmitage #armitagearmy #nationalchocolateday
I wish someone would watch this again with me (writing this on the biggest pin I could find so someone might see *hint hint hint)
Richard Armitage   He should have been cast as Batman. Tell me ^^^that doesn't look like Bruce Wayne waiting for the sun to set so he can go fight crime.
Richard Armitage. Richard.Armitage. Richard..Armitage. Richard...Armitage. Richard....Armitage. Richard.....Armitage. Richard......Armitage. Richard.......Armitage.
Richard Armitage talking about filming the Battle of Moria in The Hobbit. -- Haha, he's so cute!
Richard Armitage & Martin Freeman "Can you believe this nerd?"
Richard Armitage says: Please come back to bed... - Imgur  This would be insane to wake up to
Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage. My favorite is how Richard Armitage looks to be thinking about it to answer intelligently and then there is Martin Freeman.
Black and white of Richard Armitage in a suit. A very nice suit, I might add.