Rideau de dentelle blanche style tzigane décoré de fleurs au crochet multicolores

Des fleurs crochetées sur un rideau de dentelle

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A vardo (also waggon, living wagon, van, and caravan) is a traditional horse-drawn wagon used by British Romani people as their home.

Wall Lantern

TRANSGLOBE LIGHTING Outdoor Lanterns [neiman marcus] - I need these for the entrance to my secret garden (once I grow it of course.

Romani culture is slowly disappearing, but the UK Vardo Project is dedicated   to preserving the few remaining Romani wagons or vardos.

The forgotten art of Romani vardos

Caravan Gypsy Vardo Wagon: A beautiful example of an early century wagon. Many original vardos display fine wood-grain finishes mixed with color and carvings.