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You guys and the potato are very beautiful. But don't get too close to the potato... they can be aggressive

You Are a Beautiful Potato: You are a beautiful human being. But I am not good at drawing human beings so I have drawn a potato instead. But this potato is very

Jokes That Are So Stupid... They Actually Become Funny

Jokes that are ridiculously stupid you can't help but laugh. If you ever get cold, just stand in a corner for a bit. They're usually around 90 degrees.


Twerking and Selfie have just been added to the dictionary. This is why aliens won't talk to us

Don't toss that overripe avocado! 7 ways to salvage it An avocado's ripeness window is limited, but these recipes will make the most of the situation.

Don't toss that overripe avocado! 7 ways to salvage it

If you're confident

- The zoo? Its not worth the three hour drive. You cant even pet the animals. Every zoo is a petting zoo if only you are brave enough.

Hipster Potato Quote Poster Print Haters gonna by Arcadiagraphic

Items similar to Hipster Potato Quote Poster Print: Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate. on Etsy

I am going to punch you in the mouth with my own mouth softly because I like you.


Women belong in the kitchen. Men belong in the kitchen. Everyone belongs in the kitchen. Kitchen has food! Kitchen also has bacon in the words of my brother in law.

Cheetahs, cheetahs everywhere! - Imgur

Cheetahs, cheetahs everywhere!

Man you're such a cheetah, let's eat some zebra or whatever. Cheetah is also what Tiger Woods changed his name to a while back.

for lease navidad

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Algebra....Geometry....Trig....well all math really!

Sorry math teacher friends - but this IS funny! Just when you get everyone used to numbers, suddenly an entire math equation is made up of nothing but letters! LOL I love algebra but this is funny.

Similes and Metaphors Gone Wrong

Funny pictures about Really bad analogies written by high school students. Oh, and cool pics about Really bad analogies written by high school students. Also, Really bad analogies written by high school students.


Funny pictures about Dig This Poem. Oh, and cool pics about Dig This Poem. Also, Dig This Poem photos.