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Map of Mount Everest

The November 1988 map of Mount Everest, which took four years to produce, relied on a high-resolution camera carried on the Columbia space shuttle and 160 overlapping aerial images taken from a Learjet flying at feet to map 380 square miles of the region.


Renno Hokwerda - map on ring binder. Map drawn as a cover for a ring binder I gave my mother's for her birthday. I made the map entirely by hand and with a brand pan - normal pencils won't stick on the plastic of the ring binder.

Sunrise Fields (Cityspace #151)

Emily Garfield's Watercolor Drawings Map Imaginary Places and Examine the Fractal Shapes of Cities - CityLab


This has always been on my to-do list: to make a city grid map. But to have it in color? ---------- AUTONE - Urban planner who makes his maps look like art pieces

Amazon River Vintage Map  1923 Long by carambas on Etsy

I really like this illustrated map idea for a family tree- using your local river and coastline as the branches showing generations.

This is some letterpress by my good friend PepperPressNY! Three of my very favorite things, PepperPressNY, Brooklyn, and design!

Greetings from Brooklyn - Letterpress Postcard

Make someone's day by sending this retro "Greetings from Brooklyn" letterpress postcard. Each card is individually hand printed in Brooklyn, NY.

Maps - A HUGE collection of Vintage Maps online (over 29,000 images) that you can browse and download for Free. High-Res images. Great source for your art and design needs.

A HUGE collection of FREE Vintage Maps online for your art and design needs.



Map of Juan de la Cosa, 1500. Earliest undisputed representation of the Americas.

Juan de la Cosa Map

The world map of the Spanish cartographer, conquistador and explorer Juan de la Cosa created in 1500 is the earliest world map showing part of the Americas. Juan de la Cosa sailed the first 3 voyages with Columbus and was the captain of the Santa María.