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Starbucks by Amadeo Modigliane by Francesco Vittorioso

Diretor de arte imagina como seriam logos famosos se criados por grandes artistas

Logos || Painter's Graphic Designer on Behance

Have you ever wondered how would be the most famous brands in the world, if they had been designed by the most famous painters in history?

Logos affected by their products_Schembri_feeldesain03

Logos affected by their products

If Brand Logos Were Affected By Their Own Products - UltraLinx

Amazon's logo with the arrow is saying that on their website, you can find and buy anything that you need, from A all the way to Z. If you need it, they'll have it.

50 Famous Logos Then And Now

McDonald's Sustainable Team

McDonald's Sustainable Team

2016 Year in Logos on Fubiz – Fubiz Media

2016 Year in Logos on Fubiz

Artistic branding Have you ever wondered what big brands would look like if they had been designed by some of the most famous artists in history? Italian designer Francesco Vittorioso has done just.