Elise Gravel illustration • fish • fun • art • cute • pattern • drawing

Elise Gravel illustration • fish • fun • art • cute • pattern • drawing

Farewell, a photo collage from 2015 by digital artist Felipe Posada. The removal of certain elements within the composite gives it a more whimsical feel.


illustrator, Jiro Bevis’ design for Lou Breed’s album “Stoned Out Two: Morning of The Way To Love” Use of pattern and colour to create image


Jenni Saarenkyla - "I got the idea for this illustration from the old stories about the bear in Finnish folklore. In the olden days the bear was the most sacred animal and some even believed that when the bear moved the forest moved with it".

Wierz Bicka

linework of Warsaw based designer and illustrator Agata Wierzbicka, garden, plants, botanical garden, greenhouse


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Passing Whales Print, Large Art Print, Screen print

Whale Print, Large Art Print, Silkscreen Print, Whale Art, Nautical Wall Decor

Soft on Behance

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