Blue Red LOVE by SaiyaGina on deviantART

ginilla: “ I’m so proud to be part of Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode this year! I hope you can go to this awesome expo-party during PAX Prime! It was so rare to find a partner to trade pokemon at that time.

call of duty memes | Call Of Duty Meme

It's awesome that you allow your kids to play violent video games that shows gore. Then he openly tells his brother, me and his father that he wants to kill somebody in real life.

But he tells you to hold it until he comes back because he doesn't want you screwing up crap and killing people specially your dad <-- This comment xD

Jurassic World. Tap to check out Awesome Jurassic World Movie iPhone Wallpapers Collection! Jurassic Park, Dinosaurs - Gonna see this next week!


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Assassins Creed

Amazing Chinese style Assassin's creed artwork

Retro Destiny Poster - Created by Janee Meadows

thecyberwolf: “Destiny - Alternative Artwork Created by Janee Meadows ”