Pedro Almeida
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Bruno and Paula

A commission to Omar from Morocco! Material: bristol board B, pencils Eraser Stick and kneaded eraser Omar Sehlouli

Usual material besides that: Pencils: B, and JBoykin Sax

The second drawing if Daenerys! Material: Extra smooth bristol board - 250 GSM Mechanical pencil mm Staedtler - B, and Kneaded eraser a.

paper, bristol board 250 gsm Mechanical pencils: mm and 2 mm Staedtler: B, Daenerys Targaryen I

Pedro and Constanca

I wasn't happy with the previous face so I thought I'd give it a little fix. Sons of Anarchy - Fixed version

The materials used: bristol board Pencils: B, Giorgia

Way too much of a mess for my skills, but I tried to cartoonize it a little bit, I don't really kn.