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you know that cerebral aneurysms strike approximately of the population? These types of aneurysms can cause severe headaches, vision loss, and neck pain. Learn more by checking out this infographic from an emergency room in Plantation. Nursing Notes, Nursing Tips, Medical Coding, Medical Assistant, Medical Field, Medical Information, Med School, Anatomy And Physiology, Nurse Practitioner

Understanding Aneurysms

Aortic aneurysms are the most common type of this artery defect. They can happen at any point along the aorta and may cause chest pain, nausea, or swe

OnlineColleges have put together this helpful infographic that simplifies and maps out how memory works, along with some tips on how to improve yours. This is a good revision tool for Cognitive Psychology Study Skills, Study Tips, Study Habits, Memory Words, Working Memory, Info Board, Mental Training, School Psychology, Educational Psychology

Cómo funciona la memoria #infografia #infographic #health - TICs y Formación

Hola: Una infografía sobre cómo funciona la memoria. Un saludo

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy treatment. EMDR is designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories. EMDR is starting to gain popularity. Writing Advice, Writing Resources, Writing Help, Writing Prompts, Writing Characters, Stress Disorders, Post Traumatic, Writing Inspiration, Mental Health

El desorden por estrés post-traumático #infografia #infographic #health

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Info graphic Memories are not just about the past: they are what thought and self are made of. <b>Clare Wilson</b> visits the brain brain's vaults to find out how they actually work Brain Anatomy, Anatomy And Physiology, Ap Psychology, Memory Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Psychology Student, Brain Facts, Brain Science, Life Science

What does a memory in my brain look like?

Memories are not just about the past: they are what thought and self are made of. Clare Wilson visits the brain's vaults to find out how they actually work

Your brain on ADHD. How the brain pays attention. From the Washington Post Adhd Odd, Adhd And Autism, Developement Personnel, What Is Adhd, Adhd Medication, Adhd Brain, Adhd Help, Adhd Strategies, Attention Deficit Disorder

Your brain on ADHD

Up to 11 percent of school-age children and 4 percent of adults are estimated to have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. About 70 percent of those kids (and an unknown but growing number of adults) take medication for it. Scientists don’t know exactly what ADHD is — or why certain drugs improve its symptoms — but most research suggests that it causes signaling problems in the brain. ADHD medications are thought to improve those brain signals.

 Foods You Can Eat For Better Health. Proper nutrition has a phenomenal effect on how you feel and look. A good nutrition plan is more than weight loss, as it involves the actual nutrients your Brain Health, Heart Health, Bone Health, Eyes Health, Health Foods, Health And Wellness, Health Fitness, Stroke Recovery, Medical Facts

Stroke, or a cerebrovascular (CVA) attack in medical terms, is a condition wherein the brain doesn't get enough blood supply to one or multiple areas of the brain... [read more]

Statistics showing how TBIs are sustained and pointing out how much more at risk stats for a secondary TBI, and post-concussion syndrome symptom duration. Brain Injury Recovery, Brain Injury Awareness, Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Concussion Syndrome, Brain Facts, Head Injury, Brain Science, After Life, Learning

Carrick Brain Centers Infographic (Health Infographics)

Health Infographics - Brain Infographic. Carrick Brain Centers Infographic. Brain Injuries Treated At Carrick Brain Centers A BSI Company.

Want to boost your brain power, increase your memory, or prevent alzheimer's disease? Make sure and read the post for the full list of foods Tumor Cerebral, Brain Tumor, Brain Injury, Cerebral Cortex, Head Injury, Foods For Brain Health, Brain Food, Mental Health, Healthy Brain

How to Rewire Your Burned-Out Brain: Tips from a Neurologist

Blogger Judy Willis provides a neurobiological perspective on why burnout happens, and, even more importantly, how to reverse the pattern.

(There's more repercussions of a brain injury than you might think - very informative image. - via Jody Larsen) . Brain Injury Recovery, Brain Injury Awareness, Stroke Recovery, Ptsd, Trauma, Lesión Cerebral, Tramatic Brain Injury, Post Concussion Syndrome, Brain Aneurysm


There's more repercussions of a brain injury than you might think - very informative image.

There is no one secret to unleashing your brain power. To boost your brain power change it up. Just as you have workout plateaus brain-power plateaus arise. Psycho Tricks, Endocannabinoid System, Secret Law Of Attraction, Mind Power, Wtf Fun Facts, Crazy Facts, Random Facts, Brain Injury, Bodily Injury

10 Most Awe-Inspiring Neuroscience Studies - PsyBlog

New studies demonstrate the deep power of human empathy, debunk right-brain and left-brain personalities, explore neural structures during sleep and way more...