Awwww, black kittens are the best!

saved from the dysphoria of another life...

Awwww, black kittens are so sweet! He's so black.he's almost navy blue.

Cloudstar (shecat) no mate no kits

Born a solid black kitten, Scrappy's white freckles are slowly playing connect-the-dots. We think she's gorgeous.


I like the shape of this board and it's design. I think the beard was really clever and simple at the same time. Even though there isn't much to the design, it still looks well done and complete.


Funny pictures about I Totally Meant To Do This. Oh, and cool pics about I Totally Meant To Do This. Also, I Totally Meant To Do This photos.

Gimme all the treats and no one gets hurt - could that have been Buddy in the mask?


I like this because only the number plate are different from old too new. I also like the front of the cars because they are all different and they stand out because of the different colours.

All the worldly possessions of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi’s worldly possessions. ca 1948 [[MORE]] surrenderdorothy: Gandhi’s sandals sold for at auction, more than their asking price. A pair of his glasses sold for

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