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Morning coffee

Coffee with Maddie. Atlanta, GA © by theronhumphrey, "Maddie on things".

(2) dogs

Funny pictures and memes of dogs doing and implying things.


William Wegman, Friends / Sweet furry friends make me smile.

Going for a walk

man (or boy) best friend is his dog.

More, please?

Hungry puppy-- Feed it!


twisting on kitty black and white. Black and white puppies

Photograph Chernobyl stray dogs by Björn Berger on 500px

Photograph Chernobyl stray dogs by Björn Berger on


Newborn lab puppy with mother

Bath time. With adequate protection.

I just loved the pictures of the dogs in shower caps! lol 38 Brilliant Dog-Care Ideas To Make Your Life Easier


a lil wink

Belly, ears, back or chin - Where is your dog’s favourite tickle spot?

"The Power of Finding Beauty in the Humblest Things Makes Home Happy and Life Lovely." -Louisa May Alcott - 17 Animal Pics to Make You Happy

The Unlimited

the head scratch.

(3) dogs

(3) dogs

Good boy :)

You’re not fat. You’re just a bit husky. Omfg I can't breathe ^


i love a hat. i love a dog.