I loved small areas and places I could hide and read when I was a kid. This would have been cool, and a lot easier than removing all the hard toys from my toy chest, laying blankets on top of the stuffed animals and closing the top on myself.

Handmade Hideaways

Fort idea for where the rocking chair is now in D's room. Use a tension rod between the furniture and the wall to create a fort. What kid doesn't love a fort? This would also make an awesome reading nook!

QUARTO DE CRIANÇAS: Meninos Colocar uma "lousa" em cima da mesinha de estudo pra eles soltarem a imaginação!


Star Wars Nursery — Yoda Would Be Proud

Quarto Montessoriano

Counting Coconuts: James' World (down the right side is a bonanza of Montessori info:)) --I love this playroom.