Parquets originaux Patchwork de morceaux de chêne en bois debout, Raphael Navot (Vedes Rénovation)

Parquets originaux

A pattern piece with a sort of fixed-wood texture. The lines and hatching could be texture or simply shading but either way it looks appealing to touch.

Terrazas de otoño: ¡apetecen!

Terrazas de otoño: ¡apetecen!

Outdoor space with bistro table and chairs plus wall of herbs and bright teal door against white exterior walls

Home Decor Obsession

I've only been using lowes plane jane terra cotta pots at my house but I like the idea of using terra cotta but in different styles. This is my new Inspiration for potted gardening!

Varanda | O sofá, desenhado por Angela, foi feito em Fortaleza, em um povoado de pescadores. Os estofados foramrevestidos com tecidos da extinta AGain. As mesas de centro de madeira foramfeitas por artesãos de Itaporanga, próximo a Porto Seguro (Foto: Evelyn Müller/Editora Globo)

Casa rústica na Bahia com vista para o mar

I like this setup: door on the leftmost side to maximize the light coming through the bottle wall

A beautiful outdoor lounge in boho style. An everuday party in the morning, afternoon and evening.