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Pumapunku or Puma Punku (Aymara and Quechua puma cougar, puma, punku door, hispanicized Puma Puncu) is part of a large temple complex or monument group that is part of the Tiwanaku Site near Tiwanaku, Bolivia.

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Global warming II: The polar ice caps and the seas -

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At a closest average distance of 41 million km mi), Venus is the closest planet to Earth.

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Rapid Reversal in the Earth's Magnetic Poles - Increasing Natural Disasters Around the Globe Is a reversal of the earth’s magnetic poles taking place?

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In the previous articles I wrote about this subject, I've been exposing some data and facts that make me believe that global warming is true, although .

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Fourpeaked Mtn, AK: volcano fumaroles in after being thought extinct for over years

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Alien On Mars: Old Man With Beard, Reptile Face Reportedly Spotted On Mars Rover Photo

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On May astronomers will be able to witness Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, pass through the face of the sun in a planetary transit.

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AG Carinae (AG Car) - an example of a Luminous Blue Variable (LBV) star.

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Our ozone layer is finally showing signs of healing - a rare environmental good news story!

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