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Descoberto primeiro ser vivo… imortal – Portugal Mundial

- a freshwater cnidarian. A very common animal in lakes and ponds. It captures small invertebrates such as water fleas. Single shot taken with an electronic flash.

EUA lançam novo satélite espião com um polvo a cercar o planeta Terra

EUA lançam novo satélite espião com um polvo a cercar o planeta Terra

A Máfia Desportiva

A Máfia Desportiva - Portugal Mundial

Chuva de Peixes em Yoro

Molly the Jack Russell Dog walks through tons of dead Herring on a Beach at Kvennes in Nordreisa, Northern Norway

Sequenciado o mais antigo ADN humano de sempre – Portugal Mundial

Oldest Human DNA Reveals Mysterious Branch of Humanity- oldest known human DNA found yet reveals human evolution was even more confusing than before thought, researchers say.

Os encontros secretos da sociedade Rainbow, uma realidade baseada em amor!

More than 300 people gathered in Cork on Saturday morning in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for "Most Bodies Painted." Photo by Marcin Lewandowski

Genoma de homens primitivos extintos revela sinais de uma outra espécie, mais antiga, de humanos – Portugal Mundial

Slice of life. This replica of a tiny finger bone from Denisova Cave yielded an entire genome. Credit: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Vulcões em estado de sítio por todo o planeta!

A woman looks on as Mount Sinabung spews ash, in Karo district, Indonesia’s north Sumatra province, on Nov. Mount Sinabung continued to spew volcanic ash throwing a plume five miles into the.