Portugal - Lisboa, Torre de Belém  Photo by  António Sacchetti

Portugal - Lisboa, Torre de Belém Photo by António Sacchetti-->Been there :) My country, this place is really beautiful. If you ever come to Portugal then you must visit it :)

Palácio/Palace da Pena #Sintra #Lisboa

Palácio da Pena or Castelo da Pena - Sintra, Portugal. Maybe if we feel like Tourists one day in Portugal, we can come find this magical castle.

Castelo dos Mouros perched on top of the Sintra Mountains, Lisbon, Portugal

Sintra Moors castle, dating from medieval times. Portugal Castle of the Moors, Sintra, Portugal Azulejos - Porto, Portugal

Lisboa | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

A Ginginha - Lisboa,Portugal. If you go to Lisbon and you dont try Morello cherry liquor (with them/without them. Meaning the cherries) you just havent gone to Lisbon. Its been around for ages.

lisboa portugal

Baixa de Lisboa, Portugal - I walked down this lovely street!