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2016: A Year in Review

Here's to a wonderful where we live intentionally and authentically—and experience the happiness we truly deserve.

5 Reasons Why Minimalism is a Better Way of Life

~ minimalist lifestyle explained ~ Being a minimalist means you value yourself more than material things—and this is key to understanding why minimalism is a better way of life.

How To Make Every Day a Joyful One

Make each day that passes joyful with this helpful guide.

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Oh my goodness. I want a "joy" tattoo so badly ever since last summer. I love this font. I'm not sure about the placement, but it's pretty cool. Plus, this would be a meaningful tattoo for me, not just a frivolous thing.

The Heritage Chief | Image

Chicago-based Heritage Bicycles make city bikes perfect for daily commuting with classic style. Built entirely in the USA with great attention to detail, The Heritage Chief features a conventional diamond frame handcrafted with American High-Tensile