Lisbon Tram

Streetcar in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon was an amazing and beautiful city. We kept eating at the same amazing place with the best roasted chicken you've ever had.

late tram

Late Tram in Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal. rode the trams.really liked Lisbon

The Tram 28

Lisbon - "The Tram 28 was selected by 'Rough Guide To The World' as one of the Ultimate Travel Experiences of the world. It's often referred as a slow-motion drive through the historical heart of Lisbon, Portugal

.Downtown, Lisbon, Rua da Betesga

Downtown, Lisbon, Rua da Betesga The St George Casle on the top of the hill is a must go - such a beautiful view over Lisbon and the River

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Portugal street car by Peggy Wong. Street car Portuguese Name is: Elétrico Beautiful Lisbon