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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts cheat sheet chart from Braintek illustrates all of the new and standard keyboard features.

CSS Cheat Sheet (scheduled via

CSS Cheat Sheet (scheduled via

C and C++ Cheat Sheet libraries #include input and output functions #include string related functions #include memory allocation, rand, and other functions #include math functions #include time related functions functions returnType functionName( input1Type input1Name, input2Type input2Name, .... ) { // do something return value; // value must be of type returnType } comments // one line comments ...

If you love c and c++ program then you might love this cheat sheet too.

Diagrama: estilos de construção de sites.

"EMD Website Flowcharts for Illustrator – UX Kits" My notes: Tips for designing web layout

#Photoshop Guide-Shortcuts.

Adobe Photoshop Shortcut Cheat Sheet: But there are so many shortcuts out there! How do you keep track? With our Shortcut Cheat Sheet of course.


Adobe InDesign is a powerful software for desktop publishing. Just like many Adobe products, it does take some time getting used to. This Adobe InDesign cheat sheet by 99 Designs shows you how to get started with its shortcuts:


I like this info graphic because it shows all the shortcuts in both windows and apple, soon it will have to add commands to Linux systems as well

How do you find that creative genius that's locked inside. Obviously, you need to unlock it!

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