Pajem caixinha das alianças #pajem #casamento #weeding

Faça você mesma – Porta alianças de madeira

I love this idea instead of a pillow. And rather than being a waste of money or a one-use item, you can set this on the dresser and use it as a ring holder for the times you need to remove your wedding rings!

Registre a presença de seus convidados através de suas impressões digitais.  Uma linda e delicada recordação que poderá depois ser emoldurada e exposta em sua casa.

Funny pictures about Clever Wedding Guestbook Idea. Oh, and cool pics about Clever Wedding Guestbook Idea. Also, Clever Wedding Guestbook Idea photos.

colorful cake

Rainbow Mini Cakes All in White or ivory would be a cool idea! Okay, so not in these colors but

Rainbow Salad in a Glass | This delightful salad-to-go | Easy Lunch Recipes for Work #DiyReady

Best DIY Picnic Food Ideas And Crafts

Rainbow Salad in a Glass This delightful salad-to-go Easy Lunch Recipes for Work

Moscow, Russia!!! Bebe'!!! Beautiful colorful jars surround the rustic doors!!!

Rainbow Wall

- Beautiful Back Yard idea for door entrance - Crazy! Moscow, Russia bright flower pot rainbow decoration garden Its so beautiful ♡

Rainbow Circles Cake This would go good with the rainbow wedding I pinned on my wedding fever board.

A selection of rainbow wedding invitations from our Party Simplicity designers. Ten different rainbow invitation designs showcased.

Rainbow Wedding Dress Sketches  8x10 by axoloti on Etsy

More general LGBT but still totally beautiful! Ruched rainbow underneath, or maybe as a layer underneath hidden? What can I say, always loved rainbows! :) Also a way to silently "make a statement" towards marriage equality.

Rainbow cupcakes are the perfect dessert and decoration #rainbow #wedding #cake

Rainbow Cupcakes for your Wedding. Beautiful and unique idea for your wedding cake or dessert stand.

Memorias. A veces utilizamos el arte para contar historias y guardar momentos del pasado. Hay memorias que son como oro, otras son amargas. Qué memoria guardarías tu en una botella? Decoramos botellas con nuestros recuerdos.

Did you know you can make great invisible ink from lemon juice? Armed with this new bit of knowledge I put my thinking cap on and came up with the idea that invisible ink + message in bottle = cool valentines day gift! The invisible ink bit is easy.

Lisa and Robert's Rainbow Robot Carnival Wedding | Rebel Belle Weddings

Rebel Belle Weddings showcases Lisa & Roberts rainbow colored robot themed carnival wedding in Malibu, CA.