Aldeia do Piodão, Centro de Portugal Region, Portugal

Piodão, Arganil, Portugal - The Piodão village, situated on a hillside of the Serra do Açor. The dwellings are traditional schist walls and ceiling covered with slabs and wood doors and windows painted in blue.

Sines Portugal

Sines (Portugal) traditional small fisherman boats harbour - a thriving industry and colourful one too

Madeira Island, Portugal

Madeira Island picturesque small villages, harbours and vineyards, Portugal

Cork Trees

Cork Trees: Soft-Skinned Monarchs of the Mediterranean

A harvester hauls away strips of bark from a Portuguese cork tree. The tree will stand for nine years before it is stripped again—if people are still harvesting cork by then. Photo by Sebastian Rich and World Wildlife Fund.

Marvão (Alentejo) - Portugal

The town within the walls with its beautifully white-washed houses Marvao Alentejo Portugal

2011 Portugal Half-marathon

Vasco da Gama Bridge, Lisbon, Portugal during the 2011 half marathon. The bridge crosses the wide Tagus river and was completed in time for international gaze at Expo