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e have wonderful news for you this month! Nuxe reformulated its range of cleansers and the Nuxe Very Rose range was born 🌷 Curious? 

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Nuxe Very Rose Cleansing Range

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ISDIN is known for its sunscreens and body care products. But do you truly know this Spanish brand? In this post, we will tell you all about ISDIN 👌 Check the new post on My Beauty Blog 😍  #cosmetics #skincare #blog #beauty #beautyblog #onlineshop #onlinestore #instabeauty #mybeautyblog #mybeautybloom

ISDIN - The Innovation in Dermatology

A story that began in Spain It all started in 1975 in Barcelona, Spain, when a global leader in fragrances and cosmetics and a benchmark pharmaceutical company joined forces. From this was born a leading dermatological brand, proud of its close cooperation with doctors and pharmacists. ISDIN is specialized in sun protection and skincare and recommended […]

Today we will take a plunge in the world of men's skincare. Curious about which products to use? Check the new post on My Beauty Blog 😍  #cosmetics #menskincare #menskin #skincare #blog #beauty #beautyblog #onlineshop #onlinestore #instabeauty #mybeautyblog #mybeautybloom Skincare Blog, My Beauty, Take That, Skin Care, Cosmetics, Check, Products, Beauty Products, Skin Treatments

Skincare Products for Men's Skin

If skincare is not a concern for you, or if the skincare world seems all too confusing, do not worry. For many men, skincare is still an unknown place. Still, perhaps the time as come to stop and give it a go. After all the skin is the biggest organ of the human body. It […]

If you are eager to head to the beach, this post is for you! Discover the 5 beauty essentials you should have on your beach bag! Check the new post on My Beauty Blog 😍  #cosmetics #skincare #blog #beauty #beautyblog #onlineshop #onlinestore #instabeauty #mybeautyblog #mybeautybloom Skincare Blog, Beach Essentials, My Beauty, Straw Bag, Skin Care, Cosmetics, Check, Bags, Handbags

5 Beach Bag Beauty Essentials

Truth be told, it is always summer somewhere in the world. So it is always in order to talk about beach essentials. If you are at the beach right now, grab your bag and check if you have these 5 essentials! If it is not summer where you are, just take notes while we go […]

We have exciting news for you this month! SVR has launched three new masks and one essence and we cannot wait to show them to you! Check the new post on My Beauty Blog 😍  #cosmetics #skincare #blog #beauty #beautyblog #onlineshop #onlinestore #instabeauty #mybeautyblog #mybeautybloom Skincare Blog, Exciting News, Active Ingredient, Beauty Routines, My Beauty, Your Skin, Masks, Personal Care, Skin Care

Pamper your skin with SVR new products

SVR has just launched three new face masks and one essence to complement the A B3 C range. These are three face masks with different star ingredients to add to the beauty routine for extra care. Three masks with three different active ingredients – Vitamin A, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C – for different actions. […]

Sunburns are always uncomfortable and difficult to deal with. That is why we have gathered some tips in a 5 step guide on how to treat a sunburn 🧴🌞  Check the new post on My Beauty Blog 😍 #cosmetics #skincare #blog #beauty #beautyblog #onlineshop #onlinestore #instabeauty #mybeautyblog #mybeautybloom Skincare Blog, Love Is All, Step Guide, My Beauty, Bloom, Skin Care, Treats, Cosmetics, Check

5 Steps to treat a sunburn

We all love spending an entire day at the beach and even take a nap under the sun, but truth be told sunburns are a nightmare. The skin is red and hot, we feel extremely uncomfortable and afterwards, the skin starts peeling off. Sunburns are tricky, so we gathered some tips to help you deal […]

News Alert!📌 There are some new cool sunscreens on the block, have you met them?  Check the new post on My Beauty Blog 😍   #cosmetics #skincare #haircare #hair #blog #beauty #beautyblog #onlineshop #onlinestore #instabeauty #mybeautyblog #mybeautybloom Hair Blog, My Beauty, Sunscreen, Hair Care, Sequin Skirt, Skincare, Cosmetics, News, Check

Sunscreen News

Every year brands do their best to present new and innovative sunscreens with new textures and ingredients. This year is no exception, so we have gathered some of the most exciting news from your favorite brands! Ready to know all about the new sunscreens in the market and to start dreaming about beach days? Let’s […]

Uriage is an internationally known brand, but do you know when and where this brand began? In this post, we unveil the beauty properties of the Uriage Thermal Water.  Check the new post on My Beauty Blog 😍  #cosmetics #skincare #blog #beauty #beautyblog #onlineshop #onlinestore #instabeauty #mybeautyblog #mybeautybloom Skincare Blog, Water Me, My Beauty, Spa, Skin Care, Cosmetics, Check, Travel, Voyage

The Beauty Properties of the Uriage Thermal Water

The roots of Uriage Uriage has its roots on the village of Uriage-les-Bains in France, where a thermal spring was discovered centuries ago by the Romans. There, a thermal center was build and later on, it became a famous thermal spa village. In 1992, Uriage Dermatological Laboratories were founded with the thermal water in the heart […]

We have some news for you this month! Caudalie has launched two new products and we cannot wait to tell you all about it!  Check the new post on My Beauty Blog 😍 #cosmetics #skincare #blog #beauty #beautyblog #onlineshop #onlinestore #instabeauty #mybeautyblog #mybeautybloom Skincare Blog, Shower Gel, My Beauty, Herbalism, Told You So, Product Launch, Skin Care, Cosmetics, Mugs

Caudalie Novelties

Caudalie has some exciting news this year that will for sure interest you! Three new body products were just released to the delight of the brand fans. A new sculpting product to add to the brand’s slimming program, which already included an exfoliator, an oil and a herbal tea, and a shower gel and eau […]

In times of social distancing, when we have to wash and disinfect our hands more than ever, the question is: do you know how to take good care of your hands?  Check the new post on My Beauty Blog 😍   #cosmetics #skincare #blog #beauty #beautyblog #onlineshop #onlinestore #instabeauty #mybeautyblog #mybeautybloom Hand Hygiene, Skincare Blog, Hand Care, Dry Hands, My Beauty, Skin Care, Cosmetics, Times, This Or That Questions

Hand Care for Dry Hands

We are living hard times where we are constantly facing new challenges, as a society and as individuals. One of them is our hand hygiene. The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly taken our handwashing habit to a new level. It has always been important to wash hands frequently, but now it is more important than ever. […]

Checking the mirror for wrinkles on your face? Maybe it is time to start wearing an anti-wrinkle cream...but when is the right time to start❓ Check the new post on My Beauty Blog 😍 #cosmetics #skincare #blog #beauty #beautyblog #onlineshop #onlinestore #instabeauty #mybeautyblog #mybeautybloom Wrinkled Skin, Dull Skin, Aging Process, Anti Wrinkle, My Beauty, Skincare Blog, Skin Care, Cosmetics, Cream

When Should I Start Using an Anti-wrinkles Cream?

What are wrinkles? Skin aging is characterized by the alteration of some skin features, starting on the skin’s composition, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles, sagging or dull skin. In what concerns wrinkles, they develop during the skin aging process and consist of creased skin with grooves. Wrinkles usually appear on the face, neck […]

Healthy aging is the new trend! Never before has there been so much talk about preventing aging and we explain why and how to do it.  Check the new post on My Beauty Blog 😍  #cosmetics #skincare #blog #beauty #beautyblog #onlineshop #onlinestore #instabeauty #mybeautyblog #mybeautybloom Best Anti Aging, Anti Aging Cream, Skincare Blog, Oxidative Stress, Healthy Aging, Skin Elasticity, Aging Process, Look In The Mirror, My Beauty

The Beauty of Skin Aging Prevention

What is skin aging? Skin aging is a biological process that occurs on our skin as time goes by, as a result of factors internal or external to the organism. These factors together cause progressive alterations on the skin’s composition and structure that have a reflection on the skin’s appearance. The skin usually is the […]