We all deserve real love, because this is all we seek. We weren’t designed to be lonely or completely isolated . but a wild Love from a gentle soul . This sounds like heaven ❤️♥️jojo

Sex & the City

Sex And The City - Carrie. Sometimes SATC was just too introspective for its own good.

blooming :)

Track your progress. The fruits of your labor are blooming. I completely believe this for my life and claim it. I finished up a VERY hard task (for me) last night and feel like the butterfly is ready to break out of it's cocoon for


Cowards just ghost. Afuckingmen… that is the truth! Bigger truth… they aren’t who they said they were anyway and that is why they are cowards and ghost. Lies and bullshit

I have been given a precious chance to show kindness before it’s too late. 🧐Also a chance to lay bare the weaknesses of many people.

That’s cool It threw me through a loop. Was nice to see you tonight, goodnight termite, sleep well

I hope that we can all look back one day, when our own kids/nieces/cousins/whoever are having kids of their own, and they won’t have to feel ashamed to get the help that they need.