Wine bucket list!! Douro River, Portugal.. To pay my respects to the people who built the walls in the name of Port! And.. Drink lots of wine

Douro river banks with traditional wineyard crops Premium wines delivered to your door. Get wine.

Sines (Portugal) traditional small fisherman boats harbour It's home :) <3

Sines (Portugal) traditional small fisherman boats harbour - a thriving industry and colourful one too

Inside a #Lisbon streetcar (tram) #Portugal.. Fun to ride on especially through those narrow and I mean narrow streets.

Inside a Lisbon streetcar (tram), Portugal. Fun to ride on, especially through those narrow streets.

Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal. See a resemblance here? Lisbon, Portugal? San Francisco? Trolley? LOVE IT!

Late Tram in Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal. rode the trams.really liked Lisbon

A special stay in a traditional baroque style manor in the Douro Valley

Casa das Torres de Oliveira is a traditional baroque style manor house with breathtaking views over the Douro Valley.

The famous electrico Tram 28 passing through a narrow street in Alfama district, Lisbon, Portugal

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Tram electrico 28 Alfama Lisbon

If you want to get a good impression of the historical city of Lisbon, take this typical yellow little trolley, ‘eléctrico This legendary tram 28 is a tourist attraction in itself.