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51 brilliant life hacks that are over 100-years-old

Times have changed, but these hacks haven’t.

50 Rare Historical Photos You Won't Find In Books

We all know some of the famous photos from history, but what about the ones historians decided to leave out? Here are 50 photos you probably haven't seen.

Doctor Explains How To Make The Safest At-Home Face Mask

When one doctor saw that people were making cotton masks he realized there was a need to explain and demonstrate a way to make the safest masks possible.

50 Times Bathroom Graffiti Made People Laugh

There's not much to be done about bathroom vandalism, considering there are not cameras in there. And boy, do people take advantage of that fact!

75 times drunk people failed in the most hilarious fashion

Hope you never fail this hard!

60 funny childhood photos recreated

Some people look quite different while others clearly haven't changed a bit.

50 Boyfriend fails that are as funny as they are forgivable

They tried.

70 Photos that show Instagram models going a bit too far for the perfect shot

Some people have done wild stuff for the perfect Instagram shot... and it's hilarious behind the scenes!

Toddler Breaks Out Singing ‘What A Wonderful World’ While Holding Baby Sister

A doting big brother sang sweetly to his baby sister, making her smile.

Little Girl And Gorilla Form A Friendship With Hilarious Antics

I've never seen a gorilla smile so big!

75 outrageous people shopping at Walmart we couldn't make up if we tried

Some of us go to Walmart to pick up a bag of Doritos. Some go for the strangest fashion show on earth. Which one are you?

75 hilarious ‘jimmy-rigged’ solutions people came up with instead of hiring a professional

There, I fixed it!

75 straight up terrible designs that probably got someone fired

These are bad. Real bad.

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Guy Gives Step-By-Step Of How He Built A DIY Solar-Powered Workshop

Ben Uyeda, founder of Home Made Modern, goes through step-by-step instructions of he built a fully equipped solar-powered modern workshop for his sister.

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50 Times babies were the perfect photobombers

Baby pictures are the best, especially when those babies photobomb.

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Tweets shared by 50 women that are making people crack up

Here is a collection of shared tweets by women that are full of humor and most of all they are just simply speaking their minds