<3 old books

Antique vellum books are getting quite popular in decorating circles. They are very beautiful but as an avid reader my biggest pet peeve is book shelves filled with "books by the yard" that look good but you know no one reads.

Venice, Italy

Can't help but post this door, it is so intriguing this abriendo-puertas: Venice, Italy. By Javier Corbo. A must see on a dream vacation

old door <3

"Your teacher can open the door for you but you must enter yourself" ~ Chinese proverb, quote, quotes about teaching


(very cool - but it's all in German) scrapperia: Jetzt muss es aber reichen.

Antique pearl silverware handles

Do you like antique or vintage mother-of-pearl handled serving pieces? Source Aren't they lovely?

apothecary's & more

Vintage Trifles: Potions, Elixers & Mysterious Stuff: Apothecary Must-Haves - good apothecary setup with more than just jars

Preserved loaf of Bread from Pompeii. Shows where it has been stamped with the makers Bread Stamp.

Loaf of bread from Pompeii with maker's stamp still visible on the top, which was preserved in the ash and pumice that erupted from Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. I want a maker's stamp!

Homemade Rose Water  - Roost: A Simple Life

Roost: Rose water also boasts of Vitamin C, an antioxidant that can help protect skin cells from damage. In ancient times it was widely used to soften the hair, and its moisturizing properties are perfect for achieving that dewy glow.

.Old door

Muri delabré sospesi tra ricercatezza settecentesca e décor minimalista