Beach Bonfire with friends

Such a good summertime cuddle session idea. The beach is a pretty classic place for a picnic. There is something magical about a fire pit and the ocean breeze.


The Elementals quickly became my absolute favorite Francesca Lia Block book, which is crazy since I love all of them so much. But this one is so realistic and vivid and lovely. I fell in love. Living The Weetzie Way: Beautiful Books:: The Elementals


Monday Link Love

Light up the night with love! Illuminating the path to your new life, these heart-shaped sparklers seem to dance with excitement. Set of 6 Heart-Shaped Sparklers Please allow shipping for three weeks.


~A candle is a good magick tool, it has all 4 elements: earth (wax), air (smoke), fire (flame) water (melted wax)


Love the heavy bangs, so beautiful! Portrait by Askela Sakrech, beautiful natural redhead. Redhead with loose curls. Photograph by Serge Ratnikov. Long and straight red beauty by Dmitry Noskov. More Hair Styles Like This!

There´s something really comforting about baskets Full Of Logs. The promisse of a cozy fire.

Baskets Full Of Logs - One Of My Favourite Winter Things, The Promise Of Great Fire! the sky

The midnight sun - near by Harstad, Norway. (there you can see the midnight sun for about 2 months in the summer.) The midnight sun has to be experienced to be understood. A truly magical time.


Reading a book on a cold day beside the fire with a hot chocolate. It's Fall in the Enchanted Cabin.